Presentation and objectives

The Jean Monnet Chair on migration and integration of asylum and refugee applicants in the European Union was granted to its holder, Prof. Porras Ramírez, by the European Commission in 2019 in order to create a study center aimed at promoting the dialogue between the academic world and interested social and political actors in relation to a strategic objective of the European Union.

Thus, its purpose is to advance towards the establishment and diffusion of common principles that make possible the integration of people requesting international protection in the European Union. Therefore, we are aware that the integration of migrants is essential in increasingly complex and multicultural societies, such as those in Europe.

The finding of the existence of multiple difficulties and barriers faced by people who request to be welcomed in many Member States, which hinder their inclusion, is, however, a fact that has been observed, especially since the great migration crisis of 2015-2016. A crisis that also questioned the effectiveness of the Common European Asylum System, Subsidiary Protection and Temporary Protection of displaced persons. In this sense, the Jean Monnet Chair, through its multiple activities and publications, aims to raise awareness among all stakeholders about the urgency of the reception and integration of people seeking international protection, in accordance with their dignity as human beings . This inescapably entails the demand for recognition of their rights.

For all these reasons, the Jean Monnet Chair comes to demonstrate the fundamental role that university education should play in this matter, contributing to the communication and dissemination of the guidelines designed for that purpose by the European Commission.