Presentation. The Chair

Welcome to the web of The Jean Monnet Chair PM2 by European Commission. Open, free and common project management framework for all European institutions, companies and citizens. – PM2EU+. Grant decision number 619648-EPP-1-2020-1-ES-EPPJMO-CHAIR

Jean Monnet Chairs are university chairs conferred by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Programme. Their aim is to strengthen teaching and research on European integration in universities, EU member states, and other countries.

Because of the project based approach improves management of any activity, the European Commission has been aware of this for many years and has developed its own project management methodology that meets the needs of the European Union (PM2).

Open PM2, an open and free version, was launched in 2016 by de European Commission on the need to put into value most of EC documents and methodologies. To date, PM2 Methodology has not been sufficiently disseminated in the European Union.

The main objective of this Chair is to enhance the value of the Open PM2 methodology and ensure that as many potential users as possible (students, young researches, civil servants and practitioners), use it. This is the reason why this proposal is timing. 

This proposal want to play a crucial role in enabling the sharing of knowledge and experiences and fostering appreciation of PM² as a common, open and free language and methodology for Europe – and beyond.

The public information that the ERASMUS+ program provides can be consulted at the following link:  Erasmus Project Card 

The opinion of all the community that uses the Open PM2 methodology is very important. For that reason, opinions, testimonials, and stories will be provided.

PM² is a Project Management Methodology developed and supported by the European Commission. Its purpose is to enable Project Managers (PMs) to deliver solutions and benefits to their organisations by effectively managing the work across a project’s entire life-cycle.